Tulips & Hot Tubs: The Dutch Connection

Tulips & Hot Tubs: The Dutch Connection

Passion Spas hasn’t been selling spas from within the United States for all that long, but that hasn’t stopped our rising sales.  It helps when it’s a brand that has become one of the largest names in hot tubs and fitness spas throughout all of Europe.

Fonteyn Spas in the Netherlands is responsible for overseeing all Passion Spa European sales.  They boast the largest spa showroom in the world with over 20,000 satisfied customers since 1989.

But spas aren’t the only things that we have in common with our European comrades.

Passion Spas USA is based in Holland, MI, a city of nearly 33,500 on the coast of Lake Michigan. Dutch immigrants were responsible for founding Holland in the mid-1800s, and their presence is felt to this day. Perhaps the most prominent example of Holland’s Dutch heritage is their annual Tulip Time Festival.

Every year near the beginning of May, Holland pulls out all the stops to showcase traditional Dutch culture such as klompen dancing (Dutch folk dancing), a number of parades where participants wear authentic Dutch costumes, and, of course, tulips. This year, the festival will run from Saturday, May 2 to Saturday May 9.

Our corporate office is located right in Downtown Holland, putting Passion Spas at the center of all the Dutchness.  So if you call us sometime next week, don’t be surprised if you hear a marching band or wooden shoes striking pavement in the background.


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